Universe Has Your Back Pick a Card Update – Days 19 to 23

I have been feeling under the weather lately, so I haven’t been getting a lot of quality sleep, hence why I am on day 23 and posting the last five days cards in one go to catch up with myself.

So here goes, the card for Day 19 is the same card that came out for Day 17.

This is a repeat message to have hope in whatever it is you want because it is being brought into reality. Your miracle is set to occur, but you need to let go of controlling when it happens and just let it happen.

The card for Day 20 is the card I pulled back on Day 5.

Again a repeat message to connect to that inner joy to attract what is yours. Once you choose to connect everyday to yourself and change your perspective on how things should look vs how things look right now, you will attract what you are asking for.

Card for Day 21 below:

Let go of the past. Release any negativity towards the past, whether that is your past self or people and situations in your past, you need to forgive and move on. You are moving into a new period in your life and you don’t need to take any extra baggage with you. See everything that happened as the lesson and blessing that led you to who you are today.

Card for Day 22:

Don’t apologise for wanting better. You deserve better. You deserve everything your heart desires. Trust and focus on what you want to grow and watch it take shape.

And lastly, Day 23. The card for today:

You are the dreamer of your dream. You are capable of manifesting anything your heart desires. Keep dreaming bigger and see where it takes you. Everything you dreamed of is yours in this very moment. Once you shift your perspective, watch how your dreams materialise.

Thank you for reading.

Much love and light to you 💜

Louise Elizabeth ✨✨✨

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