Universe Has Your Back Pick a Card Final Picks – Days 24 to 30 Complete

I haven’t shared the last few cards as I have had a lot going on in my external world but have also been facing some internal struggles, I say this not to make excuses but so you understand that this is a commitment I made to myself to complete the 30 day picks and by making that commitment to myself, I also made it to anyone who felt drawn here. So here are the last pick a cards for the 30 days of September:

Day 24:

Indeed they are. What we put into our bodies, whether physical or energetic is what is presented on the outside. If we are not taking care of our physical, mental and emotional body, through nutrition and exercise, what we watch, who we spend time with, our thoughts whether positive or negative, then our body will usually find a way of letting us know by producing symptoms in our physical, mental or emotional health. So be aware that your positive vibrations can affect how your body is able to heal itself. We have a responsibility to ourselves to take care of this body that we chose to be our vessel.

Day 25:

This one has come up before for days 13 and 15. Whatever you are currently going through surrender your concerns. It is being worked out for your highest good. Your doubts are only delaying the inevitable so a shift in perspective is required for you to allow great things to happen for you.

Day 26:

I had it in my head that this one had come out within the 30 days but this is the first time. It is however a card that regularly comes out for me. The truth is when we are out of alignment we often present to the universe a sense of lack, usually where there is none. The moment we choose to realign, the universe shows us that we are never lacking in what it is we need or what we want. It is simply about aligning yourself with the truth that what you need will always be provided and what you have asked for is already yours by default. It just takes faith and a release of control to allow it to come in whatever way it is meant for us. If something or someone is not in your life, it is because it is not meant to be at this moment. Sometimes this doesn’t mean never, it just means not yet, but if you keep holding on to the idea of it, instead of letting it go like it’s already yours then you are repelling that very thing you want.

Day 27:

This card came out on Day 7. Joy is indeed the ultimate creator energy. When we allow ourselves to feel joyful it allows our inner child to come forward, it allows our creativity to have space to create great things. Allow yourself to feel joy in any moment and you can shift your mindset into creative energies.

Day 28:

When we pray or meditate we allow ourselves to truly connect with our spirit. Through this we access our energy, our blueprint and everything that we are capable of. This is how we create that ripple effect of positive energies that will change the world.

Day 29:

This card has a super important message to share, honor how you want to feel, at all times. You are the most important and constant person in your life, so unless you honor your feelings and how you want to feel, then how do you expect anyone else to. Create your boundaries and honor every feeling that comes up, no matter how uncomfortable, this is how you teach yourself that it is ok to be who you are. You are loved, you are worthy, you matter.

Day 30:

This last card is the final message for September, surrender to love in any moment and you will know that you are never alone on this journey. Any time things get a little too much, find a quiet spot and be still with yourself. Connect within and feel that loving presence of the universe all around you, like a warm hug 💞💖💞

Thank you for reading.

Much love and light to you 💜

Louise Elizabeth ✨✨✨

Universe Has Your Back Pick a Card Update – Days 19 to 23

I have been feeling under the weather lately, so I haven’t been getting a lot of quality sleep, hence why I am on day 23 and posting the last five days cards in one go to catch up with myself.

So here goes, the card for Day 19 is the same card that came out for Day 17.

This is a repeat message to have hope in whatever it is you want because it is being brought into reality. Your miracle is set to occur, but you need to let go of controlling when it happens and just let it happen.

The card for Day 20 is the card I pulled back on Day 5.

Again a repeat message to connect to that inner joy to attract what is yours. Once you choose to connect everyday to yourself and change your perspective on how things should look vs how things look right now, you will attract what you are asking for.

Card for Day 21 below:

Let go of the past. Release any negativity towards the past, whether that is your past self or people and situations in your past, you need to forgive and move on. You are moving into a new period in your life and you don’t need to take any extra baggage with you. See everything that happened as the lesson and blessing that led you to who you are today.

Card for Day 22:

Don’t apologise for wanting better. You deserve better. You deserve everything your heart desires. Trust and focus on what you want to grow and watch it take shape.

And lastly, Day 23. The card for today:

You are the dreamer of your dream. You are capable of manifesting anything your heart desires. Keep dreaming bigger and see where it takes you. Everything you dreamed of is yours in this very moment. Once you shift your perspective, watch how your dreams materialise.

Thank you for reading.

Much love and light to you 💜

Louise Elizabeth ✨✨✨

Universe Has Your Back Pick a Card – Day 18

Today’s card:

Embrace that freespirit within you. It is your fearless freedom that lights up the world around you. Don’t give up on your dreams. I know you sometimes feel like there is a darkness that surrounds you, but that is only there to show you how bright your light really shines. Keep working towards your goals and your dreams will light up.

Much love and light to you 💜

Louise Elizabeth ✨✨✨

Universe Has Your Back Pick a Card – Day 17

Do you ever have one of those weeks where everything just seems to get away from you? That’s pretty much how this week has started out. That being said, here is yesterday’s card:

Whatever it is you are hoping for, keep that dream alive because miracles are set to happen for you really soon.

Much love and light to you 💜

Louise Elizabeth ✨✨✨

Universe Has Your Back Pick a Card – Day 16

Today’s card:

Well there you have it folks. I’m feeling sexy, how about you? When you’re standing in your truth and accepting yourself for exactly who you are in this moment, there is nothing sexier.

I think I’m going to have a moment with myself. Sending much love and light to you 💜

Louise Elizabeth ✨✨✨

Universe Has Your Back Pick a Card – Day 15

Hi, I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend. It is still super warm here in the UK. The sun is shining and life is good.

Today’s card is also the card that came out for Friday and is very much the energy being felt collectively lately:

I surrender to a power greater than me. We are all part of a bigger story, whether it be one we have chosen to travel alone, or with others. Surrender, and let your heart lead you where you are meant to be.

Freya decided to photobomb the picture today. This kitty is very special to me. We have become particularly close since her brother Merlin passed. She daily shows me how much she cares for me. She doesn’t leave my side when she knows I am feeling weak or tired. She seems to know if I haven’t been taking care of myself and eating enough or moving around enough, and she will vocally remind me to do things such as go to bed or feed myself. She has a habit of cleaning me any time I sit down and regularly reminds me to just chill and forget about rushing around. She’s the first one to wake and the last one to settle down once she has put the whole household to bed. She misses me when I leave the house and no matter what time I return she can be found waiting for me, either in our front window or behind the door. She has a mothering energy to her, even though she has not had a litter (in this lifetime)

The only thing she asks for in return is a loving heart, regular meals, a warm bed to sleep on and someone to hold her feather stick while she chases it around the room. She is a constant reminder that the energy of the universe connects us all in one way or another.

Much love and light to you 💜

Louise Elizabeth ✨✨✨

Universe Has Your Back Pick a Card – Day 13

Happy Friday 13th to all 😊

Ok this was supposed to go up yesterday but I was celebrating 28 years of friendship with my soon to be ex-husband. Yes, you read correctly. We are in the process of sorting our divorce but we are still best friends and yesterday represented 28 years from the first day we officially met on Friday 13th. Even though we know that us as a couple doesn’t work, we are still going to remain friends and possibly soon to be business partners. So yesterday we raised our glasses to the future possibilities we can create together.

Here is the card pull for yesterday:

There is a power greater than us at work and as soon as we let go of how we think things should be, we begin to see the changes take place in our lives to lead us towards what is meant for us.

Much love and light to you 💜

Louise Elizabeth ✨✨✨

Universe Has Your Back Pick a Card – Day 12

It’s been a long enjoyable day spending time with family and friends, so I’m a little late pulling the card for Day 12 but I haven’t slept yet so technically it’s still Day 12 for me 🤣

The card for today is a perfect reminder of getting back into alignment with yourself. When you think you have surrendered, surrender more. This journey is ongoing, it can span lifetimes and cross dimensional and planetary boundaries. Keep surrendering, because you’re worth it 💞🔮

Goodnight beautiful souls 😴

Much love and light to you 💜

Louise Elizabeth ✨✨✨

Universe Has Your Back Pick a Card – Day 11

Today’s card showed up on the first two days and is back again to remind us that fear is the illusion.

When you see beyond fear, you see everything that you are capable of becoming. Beyond the limits of fear is where your expansion lies (my phone tried to type passion, instead of expansion, and this is also true because expansion happens when you follow your passion, when you follow through on what drives you). You are then also able to see what is for your highest good without the judgement of ego. You are able to expand further into your awareness. Thank you universe for expanding my perceptions 🙏😊🔮

Much love and light to you 💜

Louise Elizabeth ✨✨✨