About me

My name is Louise Elizabeth Thomas, I am a Crystal, Tarot and Oracle Reader from South Wales, United Kingdom. I have an Instagram account where I provide free general collective guidance readings. I have recently completed a Crystal Healing Course on Centre of Excellence and am currently studying Reflexology. I would like to combine Crystals and Reflexology to offer a healing service to people as either an aid to or in some cases an alternative to medication. I also run my own Etsy Shop where I sell energy charged crystals, tarot/oracle readings and handmade items.

I house share with my best friend John and we have two cats Freya and Fenris who love to spend time with us any chance they get. They are indoor cats who have the run of a two-storey house (including the bedrooms) but they can always be found sat with me when I carry out my readings or crystal work.

I enjoy reading, working out, walking, eating out, travel, playing computer games and creating new items for my Etsy Shop. I hope to travel more in the future, I have travelled to a few places, Berlin, Barcelona, Dublin and parts of Cornwall to name a few, but have not really experienced the sights and cultures of these places to their fullest. It is a lifelong dream of mine to experience more sights, cultures and especially the food in different countries. Blogging is also something I have always wanted to do, but have never had the courage to try. I think it is about time I change that, so this is me creating something for myself which in turn I hope will encourage others to do something they want to, just because.

I will mostly be using my blog to write about my health and fitness journey back to wellness, spiritual, physical and mental. I hope you will join me on my journey and feel free to leave feedback in the ‘contact me’ section. Here’s to the start of the next chapter of my journey.

If you want to check out my Instagram or Etsy Shop click on or copy the links below:

Instagram – www.instagram.com/@crystalreader_zar
Etsy – www.etsy.com/uk/shop/dragonzarcrystals

For those who do not have Instagram my readings are also available on Facebook: